pipler accessories

Pipler is about integrity. Accessories that people can
tell stories with.

What we believe in...

These are the values that build everything we do. This is our manifesto.

We believe in humanity. That everything in this world is the product of a person who created it. That each of those people are deserving of respect and that every item we buy can contribute in a positive way. 

We believe in integrity. Honesty and well-being should come first. If we believe in it, we will share it with you, and hope you see the same good that we found.

We believe in passion. Good things come from passion, and if you are passionate in your life, there will always be success.

We believe in quality. The items we wear and carry with us are an expression of ourselves and reflect the quality of our person. 

About searching for the product...

We look for items with a story, that have an impact on communities, whether immediately local in economy or widely local in charity benefit. We value community and building a story in everything that we do. We hope to make an impact on the world around us, however small.

About the product...

Our commitment to our customers is to tell them the stories about the products, and to continue this by bringing clean designs and stylish pieces to Toronto. Although all of our products have stories, Pipler Accessories will have a majority selection that has true “integrity”. Pipler’s mark of integrity includes at least one of the following: (a) a charitable cause (b) made using sustainable materials and/or processes (c) locally made (d) handmade individually. 

We look forward to sharing these stories with you, and hope you will stop by for a visit when we open. Or, stop by for a visit sooner to get the full before-and-after effect! 


About our future...

As we begin this venture, we look forward to becoming part of the Cabbagetown community, the Toronto fashion community and the shop owners of Toronto, who have toiled to share a love of their wares with all of us. 

in·teg·ri·ty (inˈteɡrədē)

1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
synonyms: honesty, probity, rectitude, honour, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness,
antonyms: dishonesty

2. the state of being whole and undivided.
synonyms: unity, unification, coherence, cohesion, togetherness, solidarity
— integrity, definition