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209 days

Alice ClarksonComment

It has been 209 days since the fire. I can't tell you how many hours we have spent trying to recover our store items, working with insurance and talking to the investors of our business. The only silver lining was being able to partake in wonderful summer activities, but that doesn't erase the pain of losing the thing most important to you.

We're writing this to tell you that we have made a decision to not go back into our Parliament Street store. Unfortunately our business was just too new to survive the massive trauma of the fire.

We miss Cabbagetown terribly. We miss your wonderful faces and dogs and children brightening our days. We miss eating at Steak & Chops, and saying hi to Mo and Karim each day. We need to say BIG thank you's to the Cabbagetown folks who checked in and sent their well wishes. Sourced and Salvaged, House on Parliament, Labour of Love and of course all the brands we carry have been so kind and thoughtful. We appreciate it so much.

We can't express how much the writing on our door meant to us. Whenever we would see it, we were reminded of all you wonderful people supporting us on the sidelines! Thank you so much!

As you can imagine, we are heart broken and have had a hard time accepting this. However we have decided to continue online. You can purchase items from us through the shop link above, or as we periodically do pop up shops and markets around the city. If there is something you wanted, please send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We wll be posting new items on Facebook and instagram, so follow us there for updates!

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